2018 Newsletters

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March 2018

Spring! Are We There Yet?
High-Dollar or High-Interest: Which Debts Should You Pay Down First?
Surging Bond Yields in 2018 May Pinch Homeowners & Retirees
Gluten-Free Waffles
IRS Alerts Taxpayers About Refund Scam
It Happened In March
You Will Probably Pay More for Medicare in 2018

February 2018

Lasting Relationships Come Down To—You Guessed it—Kindness and Generosity
Another Benefit of Eating Breakfast
New Uses for Your Old Smart Phone
Young Jackfruit is Catching on as a Meat Substitute
If Your Debit Card Gets Cloned ...Responses to a Worst-Case Scenario
It Happened In February
2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Highlights

January 2018

The New Year Brings New Beginnings
4 Lifestyle Changes That Breed Success
These Things May Cost You More in 2018
Secrets to Thriving In Cold Weather
A Daily Dose of Leafy Greens Can Keep Your Mind Young
It Happened In January
Review Your 401(k) Prospects for 2018 and Beyond

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